Photo Credit: Todd Elliot

Out for assistance on 11/11/12 in Rockaway Beach, NY on Beach 118. Mission 1: Basement demo & furnace delivery followed by Mission 2: Sand & debris removal from residence.
Photo Credit: Todd Elliot

My wife and I were looking for a way that we could physically help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  After much searching I came across a non-profit group called Team Rubicon.  Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations.  I can say it was an honor to work along side such great men and women this Veterans Day Weekend.  TR is doing great things and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.   Please stop by teamrubiconusa.orgfor more information on the group and how you can help.

My Cousin in Boston is putting a donation drive together for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Please, if you have the resources or things you may not need that will help change the lives of those individuals affected by the storm-give what you can. I have seen what its like there 1st hand and I can tell you – these people need help!  Please share this on your wall, tweet it, tumble it stumble it, spread the word if you are or know people in the Boston area that can help make this event a huge success!

 Please visit his event page here.  Feel free to hit me up with any q&a and I will do my best to answer.


Fishing Boat

Fishing Party Boat

Fishing Party Boat


My New S95

So, @Canon fixed my camera. Much to my surprise, they replaced it with a refurbished S95. The complete kit! Woohoo! An extra battery and charger! I wish I had known what the actual damage was specifically, but what can you do. I was so concerned about reinvesting my WP-DC35, but again to my surprise – it fits the S95!!!! It would have been nice to discover this knowledge prior. The only thing that I see being an issue is that the mode dial is too small to change the mode on the camera. I think this can be easily fixed with a DIY. I’ll just need to figure out how to thicken the wheel. Perhaps a larger o-ring or something. I’ll let you know….

You should remove your strap on your S90 before placing it inside the WP-DC35 underwater housing. Granted I have used this many times before, but for whatever reason I failed to do it this weekend. As a result, I noticed my camera sink to the bottom of the pool. I retrieved it with a bit of worry as it’s not suppose to sink. Once I pulled it up, the case was half filled with water. Ugh! So, I immediately removed the battery and let the camera air dry out. I placed it in a tub of rice last night and we’ll see what happens. In a few days I’ll either be overwhelmed that the camera made it out alive or I’ll be shopping for a replacement S95 or S100. This would mean that I will have my WP-DC35 for sale as a result. I checked the case after the incident and it is watertight.

Update: 7-6-12
I just put the battery in and I received no response from the camera. I’ll have to see what the people at canon say about the probability of it being repaired. Ugh!

Just took a shot of mine from Mexico trip and brought it into Photoshop 6 BETA to fool around. Removed all the people and did some touchups. Then I created the 3rd version in Topaz Adjust for some contrast boost. I’m happy with the results. You can see the post over on my Google + page as well. #lovingcs6 #photoshop


Sounds like it will be yet another bunch of major updates.  You can download from Adobe Labs here.

Let me know what you think of it.


Apple os x 10.8 Mountain Lion [software]

This is news via techcrunch.

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Sounds promising….

B&H has a sale today on Adobe Lightroom and Elements. Each only $69.99 for 2/15/12 only!

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 

Such a Deal!

Adorama has a great deal on Lightroom if you haven’t already purchased it. $79 for today only

SO excited to have my new site up and running for all to see.  Please feel free to give me some feedback on your user experience. I will continue to update so content should grow fairly regularly. Enjoy…