Rome Streets

Rome Streets


The Spanish Steps

Fountain di Trevi

Fountain di Trevi

These are a few shots from my early am walk around the city. I really like the lighting on these and I hope that you will too.
I wish I were still there! Does anyone want to send me back? I had the best time roaming the streets of this historic city and I wish I could have shot every site this trip. Alas, there is only so many hours of good light in a day to capture these.

Salerno Sunset HDR

Salerno Sunset HDR

Salerno Sunset 2 HDR

Salerno Sunset 2 HDR

These are two sunset picture I took while we were in Salerno. I hope you enjoy them!

 More images to come soon.

A quick update:
I am working on my images from Italy and I hope to post a few before the end of next week. I’ve been working all week on site updates and they are coming along great. I’m pleased to announce that my website has some new features to offer. You should be able to enjoy the full features of the site as usual from your desktop or laptop, but now the site should scale for your tablet or phone.(Let me know if you have any issues) Another added feature is the iOS icon that you will get if you add my website to your home screen as an icon. I created a basic one for now, but I plan to create something cool really soon.

Other than that I switched to Lightroom 5 upon my return from Italy and I love it. The speed enhancements alone are worth the update! I’ll be getting more under the hood as I process my images from the trip so stay tuned!



Abobe Lightroom 5 beta released

So excited about the latest beta release of Lightroom 5. I cannot wait to try it out and test the new features. Keep up the great work @adobe

Here’s a link to where you can download it.

I was asked to shoot an event for the New York City Coalition Against Hunger this past Saturday evening.  The event was a VIP screening for the film “A Place at the Table” and a panel discussion after.  The panel consisted of Celebrity Chef/Executive Producer Tom Colicchio, Directors Kristi Jacobson & Lori Silverbush and Leading Hunger Advocate, Joel Berg.  The event ran a total of 2 hrs and the discussion went really well.  I hope that you will check this film out as it really digs deep into the hunger issue we have here in America.

 Joel Berg and Chef  Tom Colicchio

I just received my Trigger Happy Remote via the post yesterday!
More info can be found over at

About a week after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City and New Jersey a nor’easter hit the region.  I ventured out to the park to grab a few shots being very careful of where I walked and setup.  There were a lot of trees that already took major damage from the hurricane and I was certain any trees weakened by Sandy would surely be a danger during this storm.  I set up a few shots and stayed out for an hour or so.  Just as I packed up a 90 foot widow-maker dropped with a thunderous cracking and deafening thud as it hit the ground.  It fell only about 100-150 feet from me.  I’m glad that I was cautious about picking my spot to setup! Here are 2 resulting shots from that night.  I hope you enjoy them.



Long Island City Nemo

I took this while in Long Island City around 5pm at the start of Winter Storm Nemo.



Here is a few shots that I took in the early hours of Saturday  morning.  These were taken in Brooklyn around 3am on February 9th 2013 during the Winter Storm Nemo. I geared up and headed out around 2:30am to check out the winter wonderland.  This was about 1/2 way through the storm and there was about 5″ of snow at this point. I stayed up till 5am, but nothing really changed as far as accumulation so I called it a night.  We ended up with around 8 inches–half of what they initially thought we would get.






Coba, Mexico


Coba, Mexico 2012

A recent shot that I took while on holiday in Mexico.

October 2012