fuji xt-1


The Fuji XT-1

I’ve been interested in a smaller form camera for awhile now and this weekend I decided to test out the Fuji XT-1. While attending PhotoPlus here in NYC on November 1st, I was able to get my hands on the Sony a7’s, Olympus OM-D and the Fuji XT-1.

I was surprised by the fact that all of these smaller form factor cameras were indeed a lot smaller than my Canon 5D. In fact, so much smaller that most didn’t feel comfortable in my gorilla mitt hands.

After playing around with all three models, the Fuji XT-1 felt the best to me. I think the Sony a7 could work with the battery grip attached, but straight out of the of box it feels tiny. As far as the Olympus OM-D, I really liked the look, but it also felt impossibly small while trying to handle it.

Another reason the Fuji won me over was the functional dials. All the settings such as ISO, F-Stop & Shutter Speed can be adjusted without the need of going through menus and to me that was a big plus. With the latest firmware update, Fuji added a bunch of features and functionality to the camera as well. I hope four days is enough to get acclimated!

I’m excited to get it in my hands today and start using it. It’s set to snow here tonight in NYC and you know I love snow. I’m hoping the snow gets light enough for some good powdery pictures. Either way, I’ll post some results after the weekend if I make it out of tomorrow’s food coma.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!