My New S95

So, @Canon fixed my camera. Much to my surprise, they replaced it with a refurbished S95. The complete kit! Woohoo! An extra battery and charger! I wish I had known what the actual damage was specifically, but what can you do. I was so concerned about reinvesting my WP-DC35, but again to my surprise – it fits the S95!!!! It would have been nice to discover this knowledge prior. The only thing that I see being an issue is that the mode dial is too small to change the mode on the camera. I think this can be easily fixed with a DIY. I’ll just need to figure out how to thicken the wheel. Perhaps a larger o-ring or something. I’ll let you know….

You should remove your strap on your S90 before placing it inside the WP-DC35 underwater housing. Granted I have used this many times before, but for whatever reason I failed to do it this weekend. As a result, I noticed my camera sink to the bottom of the pool. I retrieved it with a bit of worry as it’s not suppose to sink. Once I pulled it up, the case was half filled with water. Ugh! So, I immediately removed the battery and let the camera air dry out. I placed it in a tub of rice last night and we’ll see what happens. In a few days I’ll either be overwhelmed that the camera made it out alive or I’ll be shopping for a replacement S95 or S100. This would mean that I will have my WP-DC35 for sale as a result. I checked the case after the incident and it is watertight.

Update: 7-6-12
I just put the battery in and I received no response from the camera. I’ll have to see what the people at canon say about the probability of it being repaired. Ugh!

Ansco Speed X Special R

A friend of mine just gave me a Ansco Speedex Special “R” camera from the 50’s. Great shape and complete with leather case. Love it!! Can’t wait to get some film for it and get out shooting!