GoPro 3+ Black issues

I was heading to SLC for a long weekend to catch some freshies at Snowbird and packed my GoPro for some video recaps. I never pulled it out for day 1, but took it out that night to prepare for the next day. I tried to power on and no luck? This was odd so after multiple attempts and no reaction except for the red light on the back I turned to the web in search of a solution. I found it to be enough of a popular subject that I found an answer, but it was what I had already tried. Basically it suggested taking the battery out and trying to re-boot after putting it back in. Eventually after multiple attempts it booted—great!  In the morning we walked to the tram and I was powered up and ready for our first run of the day. I hit record and all seemed well. We finished our run and stopped recording at the base never to get the camera to turn back on for the rest of the day. I guess it powered off after the initial run. I performed the same tasks that night with the same issues. 

Fast forward 2 weeks and I just decided to manually reinstall the firmware. So far so good!!!  I’m hoping that this was the resolve, but it will take several more attempts over the next few days to know for sure. I’ll update in a week or so with my results. 

I picked up a near new demo “Elinchrom Bxri500 To-Go Kit” the other week after I exhausted myself searching for the best deal on some studio lights. I’ve been wanting to shoot some portraits and a few self promotional pieces and decided to go with this kit to get me started. I can say I’m not generally the one to buy the cheapest and upgrade later or to buy something that will get me by for the meantime. I chose this kit to last based on multiple reviews and weighed the portability, cost/repair and replacement with the most “pop” for the buck. Hopefully I made the correct decision. More information on the kit here: http://www.adorama.com/EL20758KIT.html

Here are a few test shots that I took over the weekend of myself and of a rather delicious roasted chicken. So far, I’m pleased with the recycle times and the quality of the light, but I have far more tests to make. Nothing special as far as the setup goes with these, but I added any relevant info after each shot for those interested. I used one light for all of these shots.

1st test: Black cloth background. Light set 45 degrees from my head right of camera, slightly elevated. This is me after a long day…

2nd test: Paper white background. Light set 45 degrees from my head right of camera, slightly elevated. I cleaned up a little for this one. =)

Dinner night calls for photoshoot

3rd test: Same setup with paper white background. Light set 45 degrees from my head right of camera, slightly elevated.

I just received my Trigger Happy Remote via the post yesterday!
More info can be found over at http://www.triggerhappyremote.com/


My New S95

So, @Canon fixed my camera. Much to my surprise, they replaced it with a refurbished S95. The complete kit! Woohoo! An extra battery and charger! I wish I had known what the actual damage was specifically, but what can you do. I was so concerned about reinvesting my WP-DC35, but again to my surprise – it fits the S95!!!! It would have been nice to discover this knowledge prior. The only thing that I see being an issue is that the mode dial is too small to change the mode on the camera. I think this can be easily fixed with a DIY. I’ll just need to figure out how to thicken the wheel. Perhaps a larger o-ring or something. I’ll let you know….

You should remove your strap on your S90 before placing it inside the WP-DC35 underwater housing. Granted I have used this many times before, but for whatever reason I failed to do it this weekend. As a result, I noticed my camera sink to the bottom of the pool. I retrieved it with a bit of worry as it’s not suppose to sink. Once I pulled it up, the case was half filled with water. Ugh! So, I immediately removed the battery and let the camera air dry out. I placed it in a tub of rice last night and we’ll see what happens. In a few days I’ll either be overwhelmed that the camera made it out alive or I’ll be shopping for a replacement S95 or S100. This would mean that I will have my WP-DC35 for sale as a result. I checked the case after the incident and it is watertight.

Update: 7-6-12
I just put the battery in and I received no response from the camera. I’ll have to see what the people at canon say about the probability of it being repaired. Ugh!


Canon 5D Mark II on Sale @Amazon

Canon 5d Mark II Kit @AMAZON for $2749 Here’s the link. http://amzn.to/rqbkZr Great Deal if you have been looking for one!


Photo Bag Wishlist

It looks like the time has come to purchase a new bag. Of course, this is something I have been though over and over again it seems. Although in this case it will serve a different purpose.

Im looking for an everyday bag that can handle some paperwork, lunch, occasionally my laptop, often my DSLR with a flash and lens options, perhaps even a bottle or two of wine. My research so far has led me to a a href=http://www.thinktankphoto.comThinkTank/a a href=http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/retrospective-20-black-shoulder-bag.aspxRetrospective 20/a. My current every day bag is a GAP sling bag that despretley needs to retire from service. Worry not-this was no camera bag, but it was my everyday work bag that has served me well for over 6 years! Now that the zipper is falling off and the pockets have worn through internally. Its time! Obviously this may raise the question why havent I replaced it already. Well, that could be summed up in a number of adjectives but Ill choose to go with me being frugal. I dont usually like to get rid of something if its still usable and not causing me pain and aggregation. Clearly the time has come to lay this well served accessory down to rest and make way for the new more functional, more versatile bag that will last me perhaps another 8+ years.

If anyone out there has used the Retrospective 20 and has some words to offer please let me know. I would hate to drop $120 and not have it live up to my expectations. Did I mention I was frugal? Other suggestions welcome of course.

Ansco Speed X Special R

A friend of mine just gave me a Ansco Speedex Special “R” camera from the 50’s. Great shape and complete with leather case. Love it!! Can’t wait to get some film for it and get out shooting!